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Welcome to Silvia's Reading Corner! 

Here at Silvia's Reading Corner, I strive to give each and every customer the best in their editing experiences. I strive to treat my customers like friends, always taking care while being critical, to do so with honesty, support, and kindness. I continue to maintain my tried and true work ethic, ensuring that my customers get the best work possible. I maintain relationships with my authors, celebrating their victories and problem-solving any set-backs that may happen while trying to navigate the publishing world (traditional, academic, or indie). 

Get to know your editor:

    A lover of coffee, books, and warm blankets! I opened my business after I had my second daughter and decided that I wanted to carve a way out for my family where I could be there for my kids and husband, with more flexibility and be there for my daughters' experiences. Born out of a love of reading, Silvia's Reading Corner came to life! 

  I have been offering editing services for nine years. I am an international editor, working with authors from all over the United States, England, Chile, Spain, Greece, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and more. I am also the proud editor of countless Amazon Best Sellers and have judged in various writing competitions. I have also worked for a few publishing houses as a developmental editor, as well as a copy editor and proofreader. 

      I have loved reading from an early age, and I understand what is needed for a novel to make lasting impressions on its readers. So make yourself at home, grab a cup of coffee, and check out my website--there is a little something for everyone at Silvia's Reading Corner! Please be sure to check my Services and Fees button for a complete list of services offered, price breakdowns, and any promotional deals I am running! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy writing!