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Welcome to Silvia's Reading Corner! I have been beta reading and offering editing services for over three years. I am an international editor, working with authors from England, Chile, Spain, Greece, Australia, and New Zealand. I am also the proud editor of Amazon Best Sellers. I have loved reading from an early age, and I understand what is needed for a novel to make lasting impressions upon its reader. So make yourself at home, grab a cup of coffee, and peruse my website, there is a little something for everyone at Silvia's Reading Corner! Please be sure to check my Services and Fees button for a complete list of services offered, price breakdowns, and check out any promotional deals I am running! 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Writing!

Straight beta-reading is no longer available as a single package option. The beta plus is available, as well as the Platinum package for additional beta needs. 

***Urgent***As of 2/6/2017*** Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I have been locked out of my yahoo e-mail address that I use to correspond with the majority of my customers. This happened yesterday afternoon, so if you have received an e-mail from that address, please let me know. Otherwise, please only e-mail me at [email protected] or get to me on here. In addition, if you are on my schedule currently, or in the next few weeks, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] so I can start the transition process a bit sooner and hopefully have a smooth transition. I will do my best to email any upcoming customers in the next day or so as well.
Thanks everyone,