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Current Availability: Spots are scheduled in one week, two week, three week, etc. intervals depending on length and service required. 

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Hi, I am Silvia, owner of this page. Thanks for stopping by and checking my services out! I have been a reader since I can remember. I love nothing more than getting lost in a really great book and living the lives of the characters. I feel a great novel can carry on in the lives of the reader; be it a great quote, the character's' personality, or even similar life situations. I am always open to trying new genres out, and I don't discriminate against any! My favorite genres are NA, romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, horror, and chick-lit. I have read some really great PNR, YA, and Sci-Fy/Fantasy lately that really draws me into those genres as well! I am not picky, as long as there is a great storyline, I am happy to read it! 

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