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Services and Fees

Services and Fees

  • Bronze: This service offers listening to the manuscript to detect pesky errors that the eye cannot see!  This is recommended as a final proofing package. The cost for this service is .0015 cents per word.

  • Silver package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues. The cost for this service is .002 cents per word.

  • Silver Hybrid: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, and awkward sentences. The cost for this service is .0035 cents per word

  • Rose Gold: **Brand-New for 2020** This is the highly sought after double-pass package! This package will include the copy edit you love in the Gold package for the first round, and then a comprehensive proofread, all bundled together in one price!  The cost of this service is .008 per word

  • Gold package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, awkward sentences, overly repeated words, and changes in spacing and font/size. The cost for this service is .005 cents per word.

  • Platinum package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, awkward sentences, overly repeated words, changes in spacing and font/size, offer suggested changes, and a free beta report. This package will also guarantee a 25% discount off any package for the same novel (ex. order the Platinum and receive 25% off of the Silver package once you are ready to do final edits) The cost for this service is .007 cents per word.

  • Titanium package: This is our heavy hitting developmental package. This service includes major focus on the structure and content of your manuscript, finding areas of your manuscript where more development is needed, cutting areas that do not move your plot forward, in-manuscript annotation with actionable advice and suggestions for improvement. This service also includes an in-depth editorial report focusing on how to improve your manuscript. Please note, no line edits are done during this process. The cost of this service is .008 per word.

  • Diamond package: This new service includes 4 rounds of editing with 4 payment plan options! You get all of my services for one price, with the addition of a final read through before you publish! The first round gives you the Platinum package, focusing on awkward sentences, moving dialogue tags and sentences, and your first round of beta reading. The second round gives you the Gold package, focusing on tenses, dialogue tag usage, removing fluff words. The third round gives you the Silver package, focusing on punctuation, grammar, and spelling issues. The fourth round is a final read through using voice software so I can listen to your novel to catch any missed typos. The fourth round also gives you a final beta read and a review for publication on all platforms. The cost for this service is .014 cents per word.

  • Creative Enhancement: This new service provides additional words to enhance your writing. The additional words can be placed to help enhance dialogue, character or relationship building, as well as descriptions, as per the author's requests. This service will be kept completely confidential as to the sensitivity in nature, and I will not take responsibility or ownership for any words added to the manuscript. The added words will be offset in a different color so it is easy for the author to spot, as well as a spreadsheet provided to account for how many words are added per chapter. While the author has the complete control to accept or reject the added words, the words rejected are non-refundable. The cost of this service is .025 per word

  • VIP PACKAGE: This is the cream of the crop for any author looking to publish multiple books in a year! Introducing new for 2019, the VIP package! This package boasts a brand-new No Notice Booking. Do you have a book that you just can't wait to get worked on? As a VIP, you simply email me and let me know you are ready. As a VIP, I will always have an available spot for you! This package also gives 2 free proofreads (Silver Package) per year (up to 100k words total), 10% off every service booked as a VIP, one 30-minute phone call, Skype, or FaceTime session per VIP novel to go over any questions or brainstorming you may have after edits, a free editorial review for use on all platforms, and VIP book promotion with editorial review posted on my business Facebook account as well as on this website (on the special VIP section!)! The VIP package is good for one year from purchase (so if you buy the VIP package on February 7, 2018, you will remain a VIP until February 7, 2019, regardless of how often you use it during the year). The VIP package does not include editing prices. The cost of this service is $400, and must be paid in full at time of purchasing (however, the paid in full discount does not apply to the VIP Package pricing of $400, but can be applied with the VIP discount on novels!).

Manuscripts up to 25k- 1 week
Manuscripts 30-50k- 2 weeks
Manuscripts 50-80k- 3 weeks
Manuscripts 80-100k- 4 weeks
Manuscripts over 100k- generally 4-6 weeks, but we can discuss time frame further

*Please note, a rush fee of 25% of the total project fee may be applied if turnaround times need to be altered*

***Please note, all deposits are non-refundable. If your date needs to be moved, that is no problem, however, for cancelled services, refund of deposit is not permitted*** 

  • ***Remember, we are human, but I vow to catch any errors that I see, however sometimes errors might be missed.***  

***Because of how booked in advance I am, I am more than happy to reschedule clients when given the proper amount of notice. The block of time I schedule you is yours and yours alone, so it is difficult to fill the spots on short notice. If rescheduling is needed, please give me at least one week notice. If less than one week notice is given, you may not be promised another booking spot.***

Special Offers:

  • Referral Program: refer a friend and you both will receive 10% off any service booked (one time only).
  • Paid in full deposit discount-- any deposit paid in full will receive 10% off the total service price. Deposit must be paid in order to secure your booking spot. In order to receive the paid in full deposit discount, deposits must be paid within seven days of invoice issuance. All booking spots are considered open until a deposit has been made for that spot. 

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