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Services and Fees

Services and Fees

  • Beta Plus: This service covers character development, readability, plot holes, basic story-line comments, flow throughout the novel, reader point of view chapter by chapter commentary, full length report on what works and doesn't, and I point out strengths within the chapters. I also provide in manuscript comments on awkwardness via dialogue, storyline, or characterizations. Comments are also made on descriptions and will give brief suggestions. I will also make a suggestion of what editing service your manuscript would benefit from, star rating, and genre suggestion. The cost of this service is $15/10,000 words (.0015 per word)
  • Silver package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues. The cost for this service is .002 cents per word.
  • Silver Hybrid: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, and awkward sentences. The cost for this service is .0035 cents per word.
  • Gold package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, tenses, awkward sentences,overly repeated words, and changes in spacing and font/size.The cost for this service is .005 cents per word.
  • Platinum package: This service includes basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, awkward sentences, overly repeated words, changes in spacing and font/size, offer suggested changes, and a free beta report. This package will also guarantee a twenty-five percent discount off any package for the same novel (ex. order the Platinum and receive 25% off of the Silver package once you are ready to do final edits) The cost for this service is .007 cents per word.
  • Diamond packageThis new service includes 4 rounds of editing with 4 payment plan options! You get all of my services for one price, with the addition of a final read through before you publish! The first round gives you the Platinum package, focusing on awkward sentences, moving dialogue tags and sentences, and your first round of beta reading. The second round gives you the Gold package, focusing on tenses, dialogue tag usage, removing fluff words. The third round gives you the Silver package, focusing on punctuation, grammar, and spelling issues. The fourth round is a final read through using voice software so I can listen to your novel to catch any missed typos. The fourth round also gives you a final beta read and a review for publication on all platforms. The cost for this service is .014 cents per word
  • All-in-One Monthly package: Do you have a manuscript you are working on, but you want feedback and editing done daily? Are you against a deadline? Do you want to write a novel in a month and have it publish-ready by the end of that time? This package is for you! In the All-In-One Monthly package, you purchase my services for a month, with you as the only client for that entire month. You will have my undivided attention, Monday through Friday (and weekends if necessary), for a month. Edits can be sent back to you daily, along with beta notes. This hard-hitting, diamond package (Developmental, Beta report, Copy Edit, Proofing, and custom Voice proofing) gives you every service I offer for a lower price, all within on time frame. Monthly price is based on novel length-- 50-70k novels are $800, 70-90k novels are $900. Novels over or under that specific word count can be quoted for your convenience. 

  • If changes are made to the novel while I am reading that need to be reviewed, I will gladly reread the section or start over for a fee of $10/30,000.  ***Remember, we are human, but I vow to catch any errors that I see, however sometimes errors might be missed.***
***As of January 1, 2018, any editing service (excludes Beta-Plus) paid in full at the time of scheduling will receive 10% off the total amount of the service***

***As of August 1, 2015, all services will require a non-refundable deposit at the time of scheduling. The deposit will go toward your total amount due, however, no refunds will be given if services are no longer desired. Payments can be split into two or three total installments (unless otherwise specified, for instance, with the Diamond package), and if special circumstances arise, I am willing to work on further payment plans. For example, one payment is your deposit, the second payment is due the day work is scheduled to begin, and the third payment is due the date of completion.***

***Because of how booked in advance I am, I am more than happy to reschedule clients when given the proper amount of notice. The block of time I schedule you is yours and yours alone, so it is difficult to fill the spots on short notice. If rescheduling is needed, please give me at least one week notice. If less than one week notice is given, you may not be promised another booking spot.***

Special Offers:
  • Referral Program: refer a friend and you both will receive 10% off any service booked 

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