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"Silvia is a knock-your-socks-off, honest, and thorough beta reader and editor. She displayed mad skills to control my wandering and often misplaced commas. She’s a soaring eagle waiting to pounce on befuddling descriptions, unparalleled plots, and confusing flow. Silvia communicated with me throughout the project and didn’t disappoint. She offered kind critiques and insightful suggestions. I will definitely hire Silvia again."

A.R. Senault
Without End
Without Words

"I recently used Silvia’s beta reading and editing services and was really pleased with her help. She stuck to the timetable she had given me and her notes were very detailed line by line.

I particularly liked that she did a summary of each chapter, highlighting things she liked and anything she thought needed clarification.

Very constructive criticism.  Thank you. I will definitely use her again."

Victoria Sue

Raleigh Point

"In the vast world of beta readers, I find it surprising that nowadays it’s hard to find someone who will read your work at an affordable price. I had just finished paying for a professional editing service which cost hundreds of dollars before searching for readers. So many were asking for the same price as a professional would, so what first attracted me to Silvia was the extremely reasonable rate. She took the time to not only go through the entire manuscript for minute grammar errors that I failed to pick up after editing so many times, but she wrote a detailed chapter-by-chapter overall review. Silvia was very supportive but also pointed out to me a couple things to take note of. Honestly, I was doubtful that my first book would be likeable, but Silvia gave me hope to continue on with my dream. I highly recommend her services to any breakout writer."
Andrea Churchill
Ilere of the Woods

"I am so lucky to have found Silvia as a Beta Reader. She has a truly discerning eye and her criticisms are all constructive. As a writer, I'm always looking for ways to improve and Silvia's remarks guide me in the right direction. She's polite, professional, and genuine. If you want the honest opinion on your work, Silvia is who you should seek out." 
 Dina Haynes of The Leopards Unleashed Series

"Working with Silvia has been a tremendously rewarding experience.  Not only did she take my manuscript and correct what needed to be fixed and point out the flaws in the story, but she thought up ideas that brought my work to the next level. I can honestly say I would not have already received the positive feedback from early readers if it wasn’t for Silvia’s help. If anyone is reading this believe me when I say, do not hesitate in contacting this woman to help you with your book. You will not regret it."
Elizabeth Lynx
Rules of Payne (Cake Love Book 1)

"It can be scary to trust somebody with your 'brainchild' but Silvia's beta-reading and editing services have proven to be everything a novelist needs: enlightening, thorough, constructive, and enlightening. She fully communicates the reader's experience and engages with the story, all the while respecting the author's vision. I'm grateful for her time and role in helping me shape a book that I will be proud to put my name on."
Jacob Shirley
The Carver

"Amazing feedback and thank you so much for so much effort....
Thank you very, very much again, it’s been great working with you and you’ve helped so much. I still quite can’t believe how comprehensive your feedback is! It must be what having a full time editor/agent must be like!"
James Beedle

"I found Silvia's beta (proof) reading and editing services to be an absolute god-send. I received constructive and well thought out feedback, as well as excellent tips on how to improve my novel. Silvia proved herself to be clued in, not only on what a reader enjoys from a particular genre, but also how to make the story better. I would highly recommend Silvia's services; she is professional, skilled, and highly supportive."
Melissa Barker-Simpson
Hands of Evil

"It's not easy to find a good beta reader, but when Silvia beta read a partial of 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'. I found her observations completely honest, well thought out and clear. When Silvia evaluated the full manuscript, I was very impressed with her ability to see the layers within the story i.e. the Sub-plotting, hints that many others have missed, shows a keen eye and understanding of writing. 
The amount of input is amazing - giving feedback as she breaks down each individual chapter which includes the original passage, this really clarifies the observations made. Her work is extremely well structured, permitting the author to easily refer back to a section of feedback - which is totally invaluable.
I also loved the way in which Silvia expressed/shared her emotions as she read each chapter. This enabled me to feel what she/the reader felt at the moment - very refreshing and insightful. The feedback shows that Silvia takes her beta reading seriously and wants the author to succeed; this is shown by the suggestions and samples given in a concise manner throughout. 
I would highly recommend Silvia's service with confidence, and will, without hesitation, return once I have completed my second book.
Thank you so much it has been a pleasure."
Tracey-anne McCartney
A Carpet of Purple Flowers

"I didn't know what to expect when I asked Silvia to beta read my collection of short horror stories. I was nervous as it was my first time using such a service. Silvia's review was kind but honest. She let me know what worked and what didn't, and went even further by giving me a list of the stories in order of scariness. That may not seem like much, but that helped me more than she could know. Overall, I found her input both enlightening and encouraging, and I feel she has helped my work tremendously—not just in that manuscript but in others as well. I will definitely request her services again, and will recommend her to others along the way. Thanks so much for your help, Silvia."

Angie Fayre

Incorrigible Horrors of the Dark: Six Tales of Monsters

"Silvia's love for the written word is demonstrated by the professionalism, tenderness, and meticulous effort she puts into her beta reading and editing. I hired Silvia to beta read my first novel and was amazed by her insight and attention to detail. She found flaws and inconsistencies that I would have never discovered on my own. She has a true and rare gift of pointing out things that need to be fixed or changed while encouraging and praising the areas of a novel which are working.
After using her for beta services, I hired her to edit my novel. She did a wonderful job. Not only are her prices very reasonable, but she also sticks to her deadlines. It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Silvia. I truly enjoyed working with her and look forward to writing another novel full of errors for her to make better."
Trisha Lowe

"What makes Silvia so good at her job is that she knows how to balance between being an avid reader and an amazing editor. Her honesty in pointing out the flaws in certain chapters as well as praising the things that she felt that worked was definitely a mood booster and helped me to fix many of the problems I had like being over descriptive or having awkward sentences. Other than her reasonable prices, I really liked how easy it was to communicate with her, making the entire process very simple and satisfying. Needless to say, Silvia is your go-to beta reader and editor. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Truly grateful for your help, Silvia."

Kelvyn S. Silva

Traverse: The Ethereal Beast

"Look no further! Silvia’s Reading Corner offers high-quality feedback, efficient service, and careful attention to details. Silvia provided beta reading for my second book. I really wish I had found her for my debut novel. Lucky for me, I’ve already made arrangements to have her assist with my third book. 

It’s a challenge to come across individuals that truly care about an author’s story and the development process, let alone have the ability to provide the right balance of positive and constructive guidance. Writing is a nerve-racking experience, particularly when you are just entering the industry. It’s great to be able to work with someone who understands that.

I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with Silvia’s Reading Corner. You’ll want to take advantage of her services too. You won’t be sorry."

C.C. Koen
Unlikely Allies

"Third times a charm! That’s what I heard, and its TRUE! Silvia and I clicked instantly! She takes her time. She’s honest. She invests in your writing. You won’t be disappointed. I will NEVER leave her, and she must NEVER leave me!"
Alora Kate--Amazon Best Seller! 
The Four Seasons Series 
Forever My Home
Always My Home
The Price We Pay
A Flaw So Beautiful
Crash, Burn, Sting

"Silvia is fantastic! I do my best to put out a quality book, but then she offers me a roadmap to really make it sparkle. The amount of work she does on every book is astronomical, and I don't think I'll ever again publish a book without first getting her input.

You know how you get to the point in every book where it feels like your drowning in words, and you fear that nothing makes sense? Then you read the work, edit the work, and now your brain is simply numb? For me, that's where Silvia steps in and smooths it all out, drags me out of the ocean of words, and offers me a clear view of what's strong, what's weak, and what is perfect the way it is. She saves me countless hours of trying (and often failing) to figure it out on my own. She goes above and beyond, and I can't thank her enough.


The Conflicted Witch

"Silvia is the best! I was in the middle of a rewrite and feeling stuck and confused about what was working and what wasn’t. Someone recommended Silvia—I’m eternally grateful to that person.

I contracted for the beta plus and what I got was a detailed report and in-line comments. It was honest, thorough, and incredibly helpful. She pointed out plot holes, areas that needed work, and things she thought did work. 

I cannot recommend her enough. Her work is professional, organized, and easy to understand. She’s also a pleasure to work with.

Bottom line – she’s made my manuscript stronger…much stronger. 

Thanks Silvia. I’ll definitely be back."

Debbie Van Brunt


"Silvia is an editor that goes above and beyond! I was searching for a new editor since mine had some personal issues going on and I reached out to her for a sample and a quote. First of all, she is very thorough and good at what she does. She's also encouraging and super sweet to talk with. Another plus? She's affordable! My editor ended up back in touch with me so we did not get to work on my full novel together, but she was super understanding and overall an amazing human being! I recommend checking out her services!"

Lyra Winters